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Unity Ceremony Ideas: Sand Ceremony Kit

The personalized sand ceremony kit is a way to commemorate and visually represent the unity between bride and groom and, in some cases, their families as a whole. The sand ceremony kit involves taking different colors of sand and pouring them into a single vase in turns. The colors intertwine and swirl, creating a beautiful unity keepsake. Just before the alternating colors reach the top of the vase, bride and groom make their last pour together, symbolizing their unity with the small particles becoming inseparable. If bride and groom are religious, it is common and popular to add a third color at the base of the vase. This represents a strong foundation with God. Of course, you can also incorporate your families and invite your parents and siblings to take their turn at pouring some sand in the vase as well.

Sand Ceremony Wording

There isn’t a set formal reading for the sand ceremony wording. One thing is for sure that it’s usually helpful to explain the purpose behind the unity ceremony. Asking the officiant to introduce the meaning behind the sand ceremony is a good place to start.

If you are inviting your parents and siblings to participate, they might say a few words about what they hope for your life together as they pour, including love, understanding, patience, and respect. If just bride and groom are pouring the layers together, then they might alternate and voice a wish or a blessing to each other for each layer.

The sand ceremony wording should certainly culminate with an emphasis on the unity and inseparable nature of becoming one through marriage. From that day forward, it won’t be possible to return the grains of sand to their original containers. They are mixed forever, creating a new and beautiful color scheme that will remind the couple each day of their bond and inextricable nature of their union.


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